Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Is your hardwood's finish lackluster and flat? Are your floor planks cupped and rough? Whether your wood floor has been scuffed and scratched over the years or it's recently suffered water damage from a leaky pipe, National Carpet Outlet can help. We're pleased to offer floor refinishing services as a complement to our hardwood installation and other flooring options. Your full-service flooring contractor in Syracuse, our professionals make it simple and affordable to restore your wood floors to their former beauty. So if you're looking for a way to get your hardwood looking great again, contact the pros at National Carpet Outlet for wood floor refinishing today!

One of the great advantages of installing hardwood is that, unlike flooring materials that have to be replaced when they become worn, wood floors can be refinished. This provides you with a floor that looks like new at a fraction of the cost of installing a new floor. At National Carpet Outlet, we offer hardwood refinishing for both commercial and residential customers in the Syracuse area. Making sure you get both affordable prices and quality results, our floor refinishers can restore the shine to your old wood flooring.

Our hardwood floor refinishing process is a multistep procedure designed to remove the old finish, smooth out any imperfections, and reseal your flooring for both protection and beauty. The National Carpet Outlet floor refinisher team will gently buff away the top layer of your hardwood with sanders, stripping away the old finish and leveling out any rough spots at the same time. We'll then carefully apply the new polyurethane to create a smooth finish that positively glows. Because National Carpet Outlet also provides hardwood repairs, we make it as easy as possible to get your wood flooring back to looking its best. We can repair missing or cracked planks and fill deep gouges before starting the wood flooring refinishing process itself. Let our floor refinishers take the hassle out of getting your hardwood refinished and repaired. Call now to get started with your free estimate.

While hardwood floor refinishing may not sound too complicated, we highly recommend hiring professionals for this type of project. Amateur wood flooring refinishing can lead to a variety of major mistakes, including over sanding (potentially even sanding through your flooring), trapping debris under the polyurethane, and applying the finish unevenly. All of these errors will impact both the way your floors look, but also how they perform. After all, your hardwood's finish provides protection for your flooring as well as offering an attractive appearance, so if it's not done right, the overall longevity of the floor as well as its looks will suffer. The great news is that with National Carpet Outlet, our hardwood floor refinish service is both affordable and effective. We'll help your wood flooring shine with floors refinishing done right. Have questions? Send us an e-mail or give us a call for more information.

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